Everything you need to know about Whirlpool Wall Ovens and Cooktops

Whirlpool Single, Double & Combination Wall Ovens


Whirlpool is known for designing stylish, professional appliances and dedicated to making your everyday tasks simple. Whether you prefer modern stainless steel or classic black, there is a wall oven to complement your kitchen decor.


When purchasing a wall oven there are a few things to consider first.


Kitchen Design


Unlike a traditional range, the wall oven and cooktop are two separate appliances. This layout allows great flexibility and versatility in the kitchen. The wall oven can be outside of your workflow area since you access it less frequently than the cooktop.

If you currently have a wall oven and are looking to update your look, the Whirlpool FIT System makes it easy. This unique installation system guarantees that your new Whirlpool wall oven will fit seamlessly into your existing cabinet cutout*. Its flexible installation system provides various options that are designed to effortlessly suit your décor. The premium look of a built-in is incomparable. A wall oven unit and complementary cooktop is a coveted look design-wise, and the consumer benefits are notable.


Types of Wall Ovens


Wall Oven


Single Single wall ovens are ideal for those who often cook one dish at a time and do not require different temperatures. It’s also smaller than the double and combination models so if space is an issue, this is the best option for you.


Double Double wall ovens give you the flexibility of working with two ovens at the same time, allowing you to make multiple dishes at different temperatures simultaneously. If you frequently entertain or have a big family this model makes cooking every meal simple.


Combination Combination microwave wall ovens are the ultimate in style and convenience. Unlike regular microwaves that waste valuable space on your countertop, this combination model is seamlessly integrated in the wall oven unit.


Features and Benefits


Beyond the premium look and style, one of the key benefits of a wall oven is the option to have it at a raised height so you can easily access the racks when cooking or cleaning without having to bend or crouch down. The EasyView™ Extra Large Oven Window ensures you have clear visibility inside your oven, without having to open the door. That means you won’t lose valuable heat to check on your creations.


When the cooking is done, Whirlpool’s Steam Clean feature makes it easy to manage everyday spills without using chemicals or high heat. The baking element is hidden so wiping your oven clean is effortless.


When it comes to cooking and baking performance, Whirlpool wall ovens offer the same great features as the Whirlpool ranges:

  • the Rapid Preheat feature preheats your oven 25% faster** – saving you time and energy.
  • for consistent results, rely on the AccuBake Temperature Management System. It has built-in sensors that monitor the oven temperature which surrounds food with even temperatures for consistent results every time.
  • many of the wall ovens are equipped with TimeSavor True Convection. Since convection ovens cook faster the Convection Conversion feature automatically converts standard times and temperatures. This takes the guess work out of cooking with convection and truly is designed to simplify.



Whirlpool Cooktops


Cook Top


Designed with the latest in cooktop technology, Whirlpool Cooktops help you achieve a sleek professional look without compromising on functionality. When paired with a Whirlpool Wall Oven, you’ll experience the ultimate in cooking control. Everyone uses their kitchen differently; with this versatile pair, customize your kitchen for your needs.


The electric models have a contemporary design. The sleek elements are covered by ceramic glass so they can withstand high heat and also provide even heating with less temperature variation.


Some electric cooktops offer induction cooking technology. It is faster, more energy efficient, and allows you greater temperature control, similar to gas. The element of the cooktop is powerful. When induction cookware is placed on the element the magnetic field transfers or induces energy into that metal. The surface of the cooktop is kept cooler than a traditional element since the heat is transferred directly to the pan. This results in quicker clean up, since food particles won’t burn outside of the pan.


The electric cooktops use ceramic glass, and many are equipped with eco-friendly Schott Ceran, which is durable to preserve the look of the glass. The glass touch controls clean up quickly because they are smooth.


For a classic look, Whirlpool gas cooktops with industrial grates are professional and powerful.

Gas cooktops have cast iron grate elements that are above the flames. Their temperature control abilities are more precise than electric and some models have Continuous Cast Iron Matte Finish Grates, which allow you the versatility to place pans anywhere on the cooktop. These grates are dishwasher-safe and stylish.

Gas cooktops range in power from a low 200 to a whopping 17000 BTU. The Power Burners have 15000 BTU to boil water quickly and sear steaks like a pro. For fussy dishes like melting chocolate some models offer the AccuSimmer Burner which gives you control over your recipe since it delivers heat at lower levels.



A wall oven and cooktop combination offers versatility in both design and functionality. While they are an investment, you won’t regret having a professional looking piece in the heart of your home. With Whirlpool, you don’t have to compromise style for quality.


*Available on 27″ or 30″ double and single wall ovens. See product specifications for minimum and maximum installation dimensions.

**Single rack baking with Rapid Preheat option versus three-rack without option.

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