The Whirlpool Habitat for Humanity Partnership


In a remarkable display of corporate social responsibility, Whirlpool Canada partnered with Habitat for Humanity’s mission to build affordable housing and promoting home ownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty. Guided by its commitment to helping the community thrive, since 1999 Whirlpool Canada has donated 2900 appliances to date. In addition to this donation, Whirlpool Canada has directly sponsored seven homes within the same period.


This year nearly one hundred volunteers, including myself, will help build a home for a family in Milton. It’s often easy to forget the wonderful journey a family embarks upon in a place they call home from sharing experiences to weaving memories to creating bonds that have a lasting impact. This project will create a safe, nurturing space for a family to shape their own story and positively impact the community. While these are great achievements, what I’d really like to share is what this means to me.


My side of things

Sharing the Habitat vision and being aligned with its mission and values, I jumped at a chance to volunteer back in 2013, and now again almost two years later. While a day away from work, enjoying the nice weather, and sharing a laugh or two with familiar faces was appealing enough, it was being able to drive positive change in the community in the truest sense that brought the most satisfaction. Being part of a project that creates a home where families can thrive is certainly a goal worth striving for.


My first volunteer experience was in the fall of 2013. Having just started at Whirlpool, not only was I excited about the great opportunity to contribute to a cause I had just heard about, it was great to meet new people from across the many departments and put names to faces I had only seen walking down the hallways. With the weather cooperating, my group that day was welcomed on-site by representatives from Habitat with a smile and an electric saw! Boots, hard hats, and gloves added a boost of ruggedness as we lined up to test our hands at the saw to clear out branches of an overhanging tree. Sharing a ton of laughs, stories, pictures, and a great BBQ with the Whirlpool and Habitat crew, the day came to a close with fond memories and new skills with a power tool.


Leading the way

Whirlpool does a fantastic job of creating awareness of Habitat’s mission and the opportunity we all have to participate in such a rewarding experience. It’s always satisfying to see how quickly the sign-up sheets start filling up as colleagues volunteer for the build ahead. Teams take shape quickly with even a bit of banter thrown in for good measure. The common area is abuzz with excitement and it’s hard to miss the passion surrounding the whole event – and I for one am humbled to participate in such a life changing experience.



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