Whirlpool Front Load Laundry – The Way it Should Be

Whirlpool brand is known for designing sophisticated, stylish appliances that easily adapt and simplify daily tasks – and laundry is no exception. Our high-efficient front load washers paired with our dryers make laundry feel effortless. Designed with the latest technology to sense and adapt and a wide variety of cycles to choose from, you’ll be able to customize each load – so that your clothes stay looking newer, longer1.


In this guide to Whirlpool® laundry appliances, we’ll help you understand what to look for in a laundry pair, the best washer and dryer to suit your needs and your budget.


In general, there are five things to consider when buying a Front-Load laundry pair…



Our Front-Load laundry machines are generally a bit smaller than our top-load. Our largest front load washer is 5.0 cu. ft and our largest top load washer is 5.5 cu. ft.

It’s important to know that Front-Load Washers sometimes have a slightly different dimensions than top loads, so be sure to measure your space! Higher capacity models tend to be more expensive but they can fit larger loads of laundry, have higher spin speeds and improved water efficiency. A Whirlpool® washer with a 4.7 cu. ft. I.E.C stainless steel drum can wash up to 18 pairs of jeans in one load2.


Cycle Selections

The cycle selection is about treatment of your clothes. The more cycle selections available with the machine, the more customized your wash cycle will be for the particular clothes that you’re washing. These are things such as allergen cycle, cold wash, or delicates.

With more customized wash and dry cycles, it’s easier to keep clothes looking newer, longer.


Option Selections

Option selections are added ways that the machine is able to cater to your needs. Look for features that will help simplify your life and increase efficiency – like Delay Wash, FanFresh® option, or Steam Clean option. A laundry pair with lots of options gives you luxury beyond just wash and dry.



All of our washers are Energy Star® qualified meaning they meet the government standards for energy efficiency, to help conserve natural resources and save you money on utility bills. They are all Tier III qualified based on the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) which is the highest level of efficiency possible. The more cycles and options that come with your washer, the more you’ll be able to optimize energy efficiency based on each load.



All of our Front-Load laundry pairs are versatile – giving you the option to either stack one on top of the other or have them sit side-by-side, with or without pedestals. Again, be sure to measure your space before shopping (and account for extra space for hoses) to make sure the dimensions of the washer and dryer fit properly in your laundry space.


Now that you know what to look for, here’s a detailed summary of our laundry pairs.


The Affordable Laundry Pair



Whirlpool® Duet® 4.7 cu. ft. Front Load Washer with the Cold Wash cycle
Model #: WFW70HEBW ($899)

Good for all of your day-to-day laundry needs.


The Cold Wash cycle uses adaptive wash actions to sense the load size and then combines the perfect amount of water and HE detergent to gently lift stains while protecting your clothes. Not to mention cold water uses less energy than warm water but with the same reliable clean! (And can help you save on utility bills!).


The drum of the washer makes 1200 rotations per minute extracting water as it goes to reduce your drying time. It has an Advanced Vibration Control feature to minimize any movement. The convenient Delay Start option (up to 8 hours) makes timing laundry easy and flexible around your schedule. Stop washing and then rewashing – have your clothes freshly washed and ready. With 4 spin speeds, 4 temperature options and 3 levels of soil selections to choose from, this washer has everything needed for a superb, dependable clean.





Whirlpool® Duet® 7.4 cu. ft. Front Load Electric Dryer with Advanced Moisture Sensing
Model #: YWED70HEBW ($699.00)

The Duet® Front-Load Electric Dryer with Advanced Moisture Sensing, when paired with its washer counterpart, is the ultimate clean team. This dryer has an Advanced Moisture Sensing feature. By monitoring in and out-going air temperatures and moisture levels inside the drum, the dryer will end its cycle automatically when it determines that clothes are dry.


The Quad Baffles help to billow out larger items to ensure even drying throughout while the smaller items keep tumbling. The combination of Advanced Moisture Sensing and Quad Baffles help preserve the look and fit of your clothing. This dryer also has a Wrinkle Shield™ Option that intermittently tumbles your clothes after the cycle has ended to help prevent wrinkles from setting in.





The Mid-Range Laundry Pair


Whirlpool® 4.7 cu. ft. I.E.C* Duet® Steam Front Load Washer
Model #: WFW86HEBC ($1,249)

The Duet® Steam Front-Load Washer has a powerful 3 speed 1/2 HP direct drive motor. It was designed with fewer moving parts so that there is less wear and tear so your appliance has a long life. Like the model previous, this washer spins at a maximum speed of 1200 rotations per minute with 4 individual spin speeds, 4 temperature options and 3 soil selections for light to heavy stains. This washer has three additional wash cycles that specialize in caring for your whites, towels and sanitizing your clothes.


This washer has even more special features to ensure a perfect, thorough clean every time! With the TumbleFresh™ option, your clothes will continue tumbling for up to 6 hours after the cycle is finished, keeping your clothes fresh until you are able to transfer them to the dryer. This washer is equipped with an Eco Monitor – that provides real time feedback of energy and water usage. Add a garment, End of Cycle Sensing and Steam Clean are additional option selections that the previous model does not have.


Although all models have the Adaptive Wash Cleaning System – which virtually eliminates pre-treating – there is a 30-minute PreSoak option. The regular wash cycle automatically begins after 30 minutes. This model also has a Delay Start option for up to 8 hours so your day doesn’t have to be centered on waiting around for laundry. If you’re looking for a wide selection of cleaning options this is the model for you.





Whirlpool® Duet® 7.4 cu. ft. Front Load Electric Dryer with Steam
Model #: YWED86HEBC ($949.00)

The Duet® Front-Load Electric Dryer with Steam is excellent at relaxing wrinkles and preserving the fit and look of your clothes. As mentioned in the previous models this dryer has Wrinkle Shield™ Plus option with Steam to help reduce wrinkles and Quad Baffles to evenly dry each item – big or small. Advanced Moisture Sensing, that senses when each load is dry and stops automatically, is a great feature that not only saves drying time but also energy since it doesn’t run unnecessarily. It also helps prevent damage caused by overdrying. It even has Eco Monitor that provides real time feedback of energy and water usage.




The Best Laundry Pair


5.0 cu. ft. I.E.C* Duet® Steam Front Load Washer with Precision Dispense Ultra
Model #: WFW96HEAW ($1,549)

The Duet® Steam Front-Load Washer with Precision Dispense Ultra holds detergent and additives like bleach and fabric softener and releases the right amount of detergent at the correct time during the cycle time for optimal fabric care. Since the reservoir holds enough for over 123 loads, you’ll save time starting each load. It also has an extra temperature option, Extra Hot, and 12 wash cycles total. Whether you’re gently washing delicates or a few bulky towels – you can rest assured that each item comes out fresh and clean. With a 3 speed 1/2 HP motor you can trust, 5 spin speeds and a maximum spin speed of 1400 rotations per minute – this dynamic machine runs smooth. It is equipped with 4 soil selections, 5 temperature settings and Delay Start (Up to 12 hours) for tailoring each cycle to your preference. This model has the longest presoak setting – you can select 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 8 hours.


This machine has a 5.0 cu. ft. stainless steel wash basket and some very unique bonus features. This model has the added Fan Dry and Deep Clean with Heated Water options. The 12-Hour FanFresh® option with Dynamic Venting Technology® proves just how versatile and innovative this machine can be. You’ll soon wonder how you lived without it! By choosing this setting, a built-in fan activates after the wash is over, tumbling clothes for up to 12 hours so that you can wash and dry a small load right in the washer.





Whirlpool® Duet® 7.4 cu. ft. Steam Electric Dryer with Tap Touch Controls
Model #: YWED96HEAW ($1,249.00)

The Duet® Steam Electric Dryer with Tap Touch Controls has everything you need and more! Equipped with Advanced Moisture Sensing, Wrinkle Shield™ Plus with Steam and with 10 dryer cycles to choose from, this machine senses and adapts to give your laundry the ultimate clean.


One of the bonus features of this model is the SilentSteel™ dryer drum – the unique material minimizes the noise of zippers, buttons and the occasional forgotten loose change – giving you an efficient and peaceful dry. Another great feature is the Static Reduce Option that mists and gently tumbles each load when it’s finished drying. The Tap Touch Controls are innovative and stylish, allowing you to easily access all of the dryer functions.




1Whirlpool® Duet® Washers with Adaptive Wash technology. Compared to traditional top load washers.

2Various sizes.

3Based on a 2lb load of lightweight fabrics.

*Based on 2x concentration of HE detergent.

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