The Whirlpool® FIT System & FIT System Limited Guarantee



Appliance installation can seem difficult and daunting but with the Whirlpool® FIT System replacing your single or double wall oven is simple! Adjustable brackets can be added to raise the oven between 27 and 30 inches so that it fits seamlessly into your current cabinet cutout.

The Whirlpool® FIT System Limited Guarantee provides confidence that your new wall oven, of compatible width, will fit in the existing cabinet cutout. If it doesn’t fit Whirlpool® will offer up to $250 to modify your existing cabinetry. It is important to note that this offer is for replacement installations and not new installations.



Black - double wall oven

FIT System Limited Guarantee Qualifying Models


·  Whirlpool® 4.3 cu. ft. Single Wall Oven with SteamClean Option
·  Whirlpool® 5.0 cu. ft. Single Wall Oven with extra-large window         
·  Whirlpool Gold® 4.3 cu. ft. Single Wall Oven with True Convection Cooking
·  Whirlpool Gold® 5.0 cu. ft. Single Wall Oven with SteamClean Option
·  Whirlpool Gold® 10 cu. ft. Double Wall Oven with the True Convection Cooking 





All kitchens are different and cutouts can vary but Whirlpool® guarantees that any of the qualifying models will fit perfectly in your space without compromising your budget or the design of your kitchen.


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