The Whirlpool Black Ice Renovation

Buying a new home is always an exciting time. Shauna and Demore have recently purchased their first home in the West End of Toronto. And now, they want to turn it into their home.  We’ll be documenting the transformation of their kitchen over the next few months.  A well-planned renovation can take an awkward space and transform it into something stylish and functional – this was one of the goals for these new homeowners.


Shauna and Demore enjoy gathering with family and friends, so this means a home that works for young and old.  And with plans for a family of their own, they needed a space that is organized and easy to maintain.  They selected a well-built 1930s house that still has small boxed rooms that make it feel dark and cramped.  The kitchen has been updated within the last 15 years but there were several issues to address.


The fridge placement blocked the stairs to the lower level:




The counter heights were mismatched:




The awkward placement of the dishwasher and sink in the corner:




The walls in the middle of the house separated the light coming through from the backyard:




Plus, the overall aesthetic lacked the more modern beachy yet timeless feeling they were seeking.


As designer and someone who loves to cook and entertain, I especially love a challenge like this! The goals we’re striving to meet are:


1)     A better functioning kitchen

2)     A home conducive to stress-free entertaining and day-to-day living

3)     A space that reflects the client’s more modern, sophisticated style while keeping affordability in mind


To create a timeless yet still stylish home we went with a grounding grey toned hardwood from Silverwood that marries well with our charcoal grey lower cabinets and the new (and easy to use) Whirlpool Black Ice kitchen appliances, (a great alternative to stainless steel).  The lighter more airy colour palette, with hits of saturated colour for interest, filled the rest of the space.  Bringing in some casual, beach inspired elements like woven natural window shades and linen drapes add approachability to the design that plays well against the sophisticated choices, such as the appliances.






The key to making design work is to repeat elements so that it looks purposeful – a hit of classic black in every room adds drama and by pairing this with a beach inspired palette we create tension that will bring this space to life.


Stay tuned and join us on the journey.  The makeover is just getting underway!


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