The Whirlpool Black Ice Renovation continues!

Renovations can be an exciting time. The idea of creating a space that suits you exactly, is a dream come true for most people. Of course there are many factors at play and sometimes these can seem daunting. Budget, design, trades, and timing: These are just a few of the things homeowners Shauna and Demore are facing with their kitchen renovation.

A successful renovation starts with careful planning. You have to ask: what are your functional needs and how can the existing space be transformed to meet these needs? Shauna and Demore enjoy having friends and family over, so a space that is conducive to entertaining is a must. They are also looking to have children, so a family-friendly home is also a priority. As we looked around at their new home, we saw many cramped spaces that make it a challenge to host a gathering with more than a few people at once. The house was so compartmentalized that there was very little flow of natural light. By rejigging some non-structural walls we were able to keep budget in check and still open up the space.



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The awkward stairs to the basement were smack dab in the middle of the house and the soon-to-be new kitchen. It wasn’t in the budget to relocate these so we decided to build storage and an eating bar around this area to cleverly and attractively disguise the would-be eyesore.

We creatively stole space wherever possible to expand the kitchen – including the area under the existing stairs for a much-needed pantry.






Here’s a tip – when you are opening up old exterior walls you will often find they aren’t insulated. This is the perfect time to add some insulation and a vapour barrier. The materials themselves are inexpensive but the energy savings can amount to a lot.

Sometimes when we are dealing with precious wall space in the kitchen there is a temptation to close up windows to add more storage. But in our case, leaving the windows and keeping upper cabinets to a minimum will add to the open and spacious feeling Shauna and Demore are looking for. We were able to provide enough lower cabinets and some decorative open shelves so that storage requirements will be met.


It’s important to think about sight lines when designing. This open, long wall will be viewed from the living and dining rooms, so stylish appliances are key. That’s why we went with the sleek and modern-looking Whirlpool Black Ice kitchen collection. The Whirlpool Black Ice French Door Refrigerator will provide the couple with all the storage they need, and the Whirlpool Gold Gas Range will make sure their meals are ready in no time. The hit of black is bold yet sophisticated and offers a great alternative to stainless steel. Plus, practically speaking, they loved that the Black Ice collection is intuitive and easy to use.





So how are our excited couple living with all this muss and fuss?..





…by getting away from it all!  With a solid plan, a team of trusted trades and a dedicated designer, the hardest part is waiting.


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