My Whirlpool Black Ice Kitchen Renovation

Black Ice Kitchen Reno

For five years, my family of six lived with the kitchen pictured below. When it was just two adults and a baby, it was doable. Not ideal, but livable. As our family size grew, it was painfully obvious that our kitchen was bursting at the seams with dysfunction. It seemed almost impossible trying to get a meal ready for several hungry kids with really limited counter space, one tiny sink, cabinets that added chipped paint to your meal every time you opened them, and a counter that was basically disintegrating every time you turned the faucet on. It was pretty much a recipe for disaster.


Needless to say I was pretty excited for the challenge of investing in my home and treating myself as the client.


We started by tearing down the wall that separated our kitchen and our living room to give ourselves a large, functional island. Limited by a protruding staircase header and the small footprint of semi-detached north Toronto home, I had to make really strategic space-saving decisions.




The first space saving decision was to utilize the Whirlpool French Door refrigerator. Taking up only 30 inches, it integrates seamlessly into the millwork and the French Door design allows for easy passage when the doors are open. I love the flexibility of the interior, the adjustable gallon door bins and the full-width pantry. I find I can see items quickly at a glance and items don’t get lost in the back.


Another strategy we employed was the layout of a communal island. In an effort to save on space and provide for a larger living room with more seating, we opted for a large island as opposed to a traditional dining table. I love the result! My children are able to all sit comfortably at the island allowing me the opportunity to spend time with them while I prep meals.


Ice Collection Reno 3


Now I am no cook, but I have to say cooking at my Whirlpool gas range I feel like one. I don’t often have a ton of time to create elaborate meals, so I appreciate the TimeSavor Plus True Convection Cooking System that circulates hot air over, under and around food to bake quicker than an oven without convection. The sleek control panel is minimal in design and really intuitive to use.


In regards to overall aesthetic, the strategy I am most excited about is that we went black. The Whirlpool Black Ice Collection is a beautiful black finish which is an elegant alternative to stainless steel. I went with this option because when paired with my black cabinetry, it gives the impression of a fully integrated appliance suite, without the investment of custom paneling. In a small space like mine, I wanted to create one continuous line of colour to achieve a harmonious, streamlined look.



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