Whirlpool® Appliance Warranties

Whirlpool® Appliance Warranties

Whirlpool designs simple, stylish appliances around your life. Now, we’ve designed a service program that focuses on the life of your appliances. The Whirlpool Certified Care Plan allows you to extend the lifetime of your most trusted appliances while ensuring that they operate at the highest performance level. Owning a Certified Care Plan saves you money on costly repairs and unnecessary expenses should they ever occur. It’s easy to use, effortless and efficient – everything a Whirlpool® Certified Care Plan should be.


If your appliance was purchased within the last 12 months, it will likely be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If you’re looking for supplemental coverage above and beyond what’s included, look to an extended service contract (ESC) to ensure full protection.


When you purchase a Whirlpool® Certified Care Plan, you’ll receive these benefits:


No deductibles or hidden fees: No out-of-pocket expenses on covered repairs.


Refund guarantee: If, within 30 days of purchase, you’re not 100% satisfied you can receive a full refund – no questions asked!


Dependable service you can rely on: Call and we’ll send one of our trusted Authorized Service Technicians to your home.


Repair or replacement: If your appliance can’t be repaired due to a mechanical or electrical breakdown – we’ll replace it!


Affordable and Flexible Payment Plans: Pay all at once, or in installments monthly to start receiving coverage from our Certified Care Plan. Being protected has never been easier!


Comprehensive Coverage: Functional parts and labour all under one plan. From spoiled food and power surge damage to our no lemon guarantee – you can feel confident about the complete coverage you’ll receive with a Whirlpool® Certified Care Plan.


Peace of Mind: With a Whirlpool® Certified Care Plan, you’ll never have to worry. Did you know that most brands you have in your home right now are eligible for coverage?


The best time to buy an extended service contract is during the manufacturer’s warranty period, because many programs will not sell to you outside of this period; however, Whirlpool offers customers more time to purchase outside of that 1-year mark.

It’s important to keep purchase receipts and warranty confirmations. You may need to refer to this information in the future and it will serve as your proof of purchase. Don’t forget to register your product online via the manufacturer’s website so the company has record as well.


Purchasing an appliance is an investment; rely on an ESC like a Whirlpool® Certified Care Plan for support you can count on when you need it. Life is unpredictable, plan ahead and make sure your appliances are covered.


For more information on the Certified Care Plan, call our Whirlpool customer eXperience centre at 1-800-807-6777.


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