Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat: How Doing Laundry Really Is An Act of Love

I will admit something right here and now: I am not “naturally” good at doing laundry.


It’s been something that I let pile up. Occasionally, I’ll let clean clothes sit in their basket, well after the warmth of the dryer has dissipated.


But I’m getting better. I’m making a point of washing, drying, folding and then putting away. Call it a metaphor for many things in life, but folding and putting away the laundry as each load goes through makes the task much less daunting.


And it makes life easier for my family, too.



Whirlpool Cabrio Pair-1-3



Our laundry room is home to a Whirlpool Cabrio laundry pair in Chrome Shadow. Aren’t they sleek little beauties? The washer is a top-loading high efficiency model, and the dryer is a steam model with a “Refresh” option. The capacity of this pair has been amazing for my never-ending baskets of dirty clothes. The dryer can hold four baskets of clothes.


Yes, FOUR. Isn’t that wild?


The Cabrio High-Efficiency Top Load washer has a great variety of cycle options – but my favourites have to be Casual – because we roll that way – and Bulky/Sheets. Most of our laundry is kids’ clothes, mom’s clothes (*ahem* yoga pants), and sheets and towels. The washer knows how to deal with these things, and gets them clean every time. The Active Bloom wash action senses each load’s needs and washes it accordingly.


Whirlpool Cabrio Pair-1-2



Both the Cabrio washer and dryer feature Intuitive Touch controls with memory. This means that these touch controls – allowing me to move from a quick to a deep wash; from delicate to whites – remember my settings from the last load to make my time in the laundry room even more efficient.


Remember how I admitted that laundry isn’t always my forte? Well, the Cabrio Steam dryer has the ability to run a quick 24 minute “Steam Refresh” cycle to eliminate wrinkles and the sad-I-was-left-in-the-dryer crumples. I can grab my warm, wrinkle-free load of laundry and fold it right away.


A theme that Whirlpool is expressing right now – and one that’s been stuck in my head ever since I first read it – is the idea that doing housework is actually a loving act. It is showing your family that you care.


When I sat down and mulled it over… when I thought about what it is I DO all day — I write and craft and put bandaids on knees – but let’s get real, I also do a lot of dishes, toilet-scrubbing and laundry — I realized that yeah, maybe having a clean house really is showing love to your family.


Whirlpool Cabrio Pair-1-4


It means that when my husband walks through the door, there isn’t a giant to-do list staring him in the face.


It means that when my daughter, Lila, wants to wear the same shirt as Jenna at school – it’s in her closet, ready for the day.


It means that rooms are (mostly) tidy and that should a spontaneous craft or project or cup of tea with a friend happen… we’re ready.


We often think of housework as a series of tasks to be hurried – or in some cases, just outright avoided. But when we do it – and keep up with it – it makes life that much smoother.


The bedroom floor would be revolutionized, wouldn’t it?




Our Cabrio pair with its amazing capacity and highly-tuned settings – and hey, I’m all over this Steam Refresh. I feel like it’s my new laundry life hack – has made keeping up with my “laundry list” of housework that much easier. More clothes fit into the load, wrinkles aren’t a problem, and things get put away.


Is this really just a big extended metaphor? Just put away the laundry and things will be easier? Maybe it is.

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