Warming up this winter with my family of seven


I love winter, but getting out the door to enjoy it sure can be daunting. With five small kids, that is a lot of pairs of boots and mittens to put on and keep track of! In years past, winter would always catch me unprepared and often resulted in a frustrating mad scramble rustling through bins of clothing in search of long lost mittens. While the mittens might remain lost, what I have found is that getting your family ready for the cold months ahead does not have to be an uphill battle. With a little bit of planning, and a lot of laundry, I know I’ll have my family ready to enjoy the winter season in style. Here are a few steps I’ll be taking to ensure this winter is a great one!


The first step to getting my family prepared for winter is to freshen all their winter outerwear. With a family my size, I am grateful to have a washing machine that can handle the needs of my growing brood. At 6.1 cu.ft, my Whirlpool Cabrio High-Efficiency Top Load Washer has the ability to clean all the jackets, snowpants, toques and scarves my large active family can throw at it. Adaptive Wash technology senses the needs of each load and adapts each action so your clothes look newer, longer and colours stay vibrant wash after wash. Ever wonder how to clean wool / knits / toques / mitts / socks? The Intuitive Touch Controls always ask the right questions. With easy “what” and “how” controls, they effortlessly help you create customized cycles, taking the guess work out of how to freshen your winter clothing.


The second step is to organize all the newly laundered winter gear for easy access. This is the first winter we’ll be using our new mudroom. I’ll be assigning each child their own cubby for hats and scarves and investing in mitten clips so no mittens go missing ever again! I’m thankful that my mudroom also houses my washer and dryer, making it really simple to clean snow soaked mittens and mud stained snow pants to get ready for the next adventure.


Image courtesy of Larry Arnal Photography


The third step to warm up my family this winter is to pull out and freshen all my extra blankets. Winter is when more blanket forts get made and more snuggling in front of the fireplace or television occurs. With the ability to dry more than four baskets of laundry in one load, my Whirlpool High-Efficiency Top Load Dryer saves me time so I can get back to relaxing (or fort building) with the ones I love.


Image courtesy of Larry Arnal Photography


The changing of the seasons impacts every family. And while doing the laundry can seem insignificant and mundane, it provides care and love that allows our families to thrive. I’m excited to get my family ready for this season, and hopefully keep all their mitten pairs intact.

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