Top 5 Considerations When Purchasing Kitchen Appliances


After undergoing my own kitchen renovation and guiding many clients through the process, here are my top five considerations for purchasing your kitchen appliances.



It is so important to set an overall budget before you begin any renovation project. An experienced designer or contractor will be able to tell you if your budget is realistic or not – but it’s imperative to establish a budget before any walls start coming down.


Next, decide where your kitchen appliances will fall within your budget. This is going to vary for everyone, based on available funds, space, aesthetic, how much you cook, and other factors. In my own kitchen, I wanted pieces that looked great and were easy-to-use, but were sensitive to my not unlimited budget. So when I stumbled upon the Whirlpool Black Ice Collection I knew I had found a great fit for my house.


I wanted the appliances to feel built in, but not incur the cost of built-in panelled appliances (which would have been more than twice the price). The black blends in with the cabinetry I selected, creating a streamlined aesthetic.


I don’t follow a hard and fast rule when it comes to how much your appliances should cost in relation to the rest of an overall budget. It simply has to work for your budget, family, and priorities.


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Your next major consideration is space limitations. In a large kitchen, you obviously have some flexibility. A double wall oven, cooktop built into the island, and freestanding range are all great options when space is available. But in smaller spaces, you have to be more strategic with your footprint and the appliances you select play a big role in that.


In my tiny kitchen, I simply do not have room to open a full size refrigerator door, so we selected a French door model. The Whirlpool French door refrigerator I selected is a great space saver for my compact kitchen, but the interior still boasts lots of storage and easy to view drawers.


While a double wall oven would be so useful for my large family, the priority of counter space and additional cabinetry won out. These are important considerations to ensure you get the most function out of your kitchen.




When embarking on a kitchen renovation, it’s important to have a sense of your personal vision. Create a board on Pinterest, look through various magazines, and visit showrooms to get a sense of the style of kitchen that you want. You can also hire an interior designer for a consultation to assist you in determining your personal style. Come up with five words that describe your unique look, and allow every decision you make for your kitchen to pass through this funnel of five words.


Your appliances will certainly influence and inform your desired aesthetic. In my home, I wanted a streamlined, modern, slightly edgy look. So the Black Ice Collection was the best choice for me. In a kitchen as small as mine, I wanted as few sight line interruptions as possible. Paired with my black cabinetry, the appliances look modern and sleek. Black is an elegant alternative to stainless steel and in my home Black Ice was the perfect fit.


Commit to a design direction for your kitchen and ensure whatever finish you select in your appliances will enhance and illustrate this direction.





Whether you go gas or electric for your range – it all comes down to personal preference. In unique cases some space limitations may need to be considered (and of course budget if you have electric and want to add a gas line) but in terms of function, it comes down to what you prefer.

I grew up on electric and only started using gas when I lived in a rental unit during our renovation. I am a convert – gas brings instant heat, consistent heat, and food just tastes better in my opinion. And did I say faster? So much faster. I love the performance of our Whirlpool gas range.

I would suggest you try out the various options if you can access them in a showroom, or at friends’ houses, and decide what works best for you and your family.



Ok so everyone does not need a dishwasher. But I lived without one, with four kids, for four years and my goodness having one has streamlined my life. It’s like magic. You put in dirty dishes and they come out sterilized, sanitized, food free with little effort, allowing you to get on with life and spend time with the people you love. I love products that are easy to program, easy to use, and make my life simpler. This Whirlpool dishwasher does just that. Super easy to program with consistent results. I believe that everyone needs a dishwasher.

Keep in mind – dishwashers can be a bit tricky in a tight floorplan such as mine as you have to ensure the door has enough room to open fully and plumbing and electrical need to be connected. So remember to factor how much this needs to move around into your floor plan and budget.


Now that I’ve run through my considerations in the kitchen when selecting appliances, you may be curious how the rest of my home renovation came together. Take a look at the video below to see how the Whirlpool Black Ice Collection fit into the bigger picture of my dream home. Enjoy!



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