Tales from Laundry Mountain… Living the Good Life with Good Machines

I joke that I live on laundry mountain. But it’s actually not that funny.


It’s because I’m terrible at laundry. Which is sad, because I actually like doing it.


It’s hard to put it to words, but a stack of neatly folded t-shirts next to a pile of rolled sport socks just warms this mother’s heart. Whenever I feel like I’m not doing enough, I try to focus on this truth: it’s the small things that make you feel good and that they remember.


Of all the necessary household tasks in every day caring for my family—vacuuming, washing floors, scrubbing showers, cleaning toilets, dusting—laundry is the most pleasant and satisfying. This is because after I’m done, I feel like I’ve accomplished something specific. It’s so gratifying to see my people all decked out in clean, nice-smelling clothes (and who doesn’t like to snuggle into fragrant, freshly washed crisp sheets?).


The other thing I like about doing laundry is that it has a beginning, middle, and end and a very positive result. When it’s done it’s done. A kid can’t walk in and just track mud through it and then spill grape juice all over it and dump body wash everywhere and… ok you get the picture.


But laundry? I empty the hampers, sort the clothes, wash them, fold them, and put them away. Finit. Pour le moment, of course.




Sadly, usually I get to Step 3 and lose my way amongst all the other things I’ve got going on. This is why I feel like I’m living on Laundry Mountain. Which is, literally, a giant pile of unfolded clothes, towels, and sheets.


Everybody has room for improvement.

 Laundry Room


One thing that helps me to develop more efficient laundering skills and my overall ranking in the Mother of the Year competition is a good laundry pair. You might wonder what the difference is and why you should go for the gold when selecting your appliances. Well, I’ll tell you this: if you can find machines that have the features you need, that do what you say, and can handle anything you can throw at them, then they are worth their weight in stain remover.


It’s true: the better the washer or dryer, the better you’ll be at doing the laundry. Extrapolated, the more impressed your family will be (and the less chance there will be for you to ruin your daughter’s favourite shirt thereby negating all the good you’ve done in actually performing the act of washing it in the first place.)


Apparently part of the act of caring also includes not shrinking things. Who knew?


My Whirlpool Cabrio Steam duo actually makes doing the laundry both fun and Mara-Proof. Not only does this top-load pair look sleek and a space age, it also walks the talk. Fact: these two high-performers drive me to be a better version of myself. Fact: I’ve begun redecorating my rather hideous laundry room to measure up to their good looks. For this DI-don’t gal, that says a lot.


Beyond aesthetics, if we’re talking pure and unadulterated functionality, these machines mean I can complete my tasks with accuracy, speed and agility, and on the right temperature settings too. The Intuitive Touch Controls walk me through the What and How of my laundry load. Magical electronic wizardry makes it hard to wash in error—they take no responsibility for sorter mistakes—and also lets me completely customize the washing settings depending on what I’m putting in and how I want the job done. And then, to save time and brain power, the little man hiding in there remembers just how I like it for the next time.


But even better, and particular for those of us who live high up on the Mountain, it’s all about the capacity. The Cabrio Steam Top-Loaders are huge. I seriously think I could fit inside (do not try that at home). I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing like loading the dark load into the washing machine and being left with two sweatshirts and your son’s essential favourite top number one jeans that he must wear or the world will end.


Seeing him sad about having to go pants-less sort of defeats the purpose of trying to make him happy in the first place.


Luckily, my machines gladly open wide and fit THE EVERYTHING. Like I mean a bursting basket of big family washing. Like I mean the King size duvet that someone spilled her whole tea on (wasn’t me).


Now if only someone would invent a machine that folds. Now THAT would make me look like a SuperWasherwoman, SuperMom, and SuperHousewife all rolled up into one.


But then my crew might suggest cancelling the cleaning lady.


So never mind.


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