Smart Entertaining with Whirlpool

Welcoming friends and family into our homes is one of the many ways we show we care: as is the food we serve them. Whether it’s a cup of hot chocolate to cold little hands after a day of jumping in leaves, or offering a neighbour a steaming bowl of soup after raking the leaves all back up, hosting family and friends is steeped in care.

The holiday season is around the corner and whether it’s an impromptu gathering or an evening planned for months in advance, hosting and entertaining is increasingly top of mind. According to organizational expert Clare Kumar, the holiday season is the time of year when busy families could use a helping hand. She notes while the kitchen is the heart of the home it’s your refrigerator that’s the key ingredient to holiday entertaining success.

To that end, Clare’s worked with the new Whirlpool Smart French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator to develop the following tips to help families keep organized and use refrigerator space efficiently so they can host and entertain with ease:

1. Keep your food visible.
If you can’t see it, you probably won’t use it. Avoid food waste by keeping a clear line of sight to everything in your fridge.

Infinity Slide Shelves ensure you can accommodate tall items in the center and not lose view of smaller containers around the perimeter. Simply slide the shelves away to make room for taller items. This comes in handy when preparing for a party. From large pitchers of sangria, to bottles of champagne, this slide-in feature accommodates entertaining essentials.



Stadium Dividers can also be placed in any large door bin to raise small items into view.
Last but not least, panoramic LED lighting means nothing is left in the dark. Underlit shelves reduce shadows and leave no chance for dark corners.

2. Maximize storage space.
Fit everything you need in the fridge at once and you’ll not only have what you need at your fingertips, you’ll save time by reducing shopping trips. With shelf flippers you no longer need to remove items from a shelf to adjust the shelf’s level. Make right sizing your storage easy and efficient.

3. Divide and conquer to keep food fresh.
Size matters, but so does shape. Asymmetrical produce drawers accommodate large items like lettuce containers and bags of celery. Dividers ensure that smaller items like peppers don’t get lost. The StoreRight™ senses humidity levels and adjusts accordingly to keep food at its freshest for festive entertaining.


4. Keep food safe and presentable!
The platter pocket is made for large, horizontal items. This means your pizza box from last night is conveniently stored and your Charcuterie board for an upcoming holiday party remains perfectly presented.


5. Keep small, high value items easy to find.
Use the Treasure Bin™ to store small, important items that need to be kept cool. This is a perfect place to stash your secret supply of dark chocolate!


6. Be prepared!
No more last minute runs to the store. When getting ready for a party, use the Ready Set™ dual ice makers to efficiently boost your ice by an additional 5 pounds!

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