Smart Design: Stylish & Affordable Kitchen Updates

For most people, updating a kitchen can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With a few smart changes, you can transform your kitchen without breaking the bank.


Why update your kitchen? Cooking, entertaining, or just getting ready for the day, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so it’s important that you enjoy it. Your kitchen should be a source of inspiration – not frustration – and it can be with a few simple upgrades.


Your kitchen is one of the first things people will notice about your home. With some smart finishing touches, you can create a great first impression, and even add value to your home.


You don’t need to overhaul your kitchen – these 5 Smart Kitchen Upgrades will refresh any culinary space without the big price tag.



1. Upgrade Your Appliances


Look for high-end style without the high-end prices. The new Whirlpool® Front Control Range boasts premium design at an affordable price, and fits into any 30-inch cutout. It’s full-depth design and no wings, means it can easily slide in where your old freestanding range was while achieving a custom built-in look.


Cost: These ranges are priced in-line with equivalent rear-control freestanding ranges but give you the premium look of a built-in range.


Where to Buy



The Whirlpool Front Control Range is available in electric or gas.


2. Paint Your Cabinets


If your cabinets are still in good condition, but faded, dark, or dated, a quick coat of paint can go a long way. You can hire a professional to spray paint them for around a thousand dollars (depending on the size of your kitchen), or you can do it yourself for the cost of supplies. Disassemble the hinges and remove the knobs before painting. Choose lighter colours to make your kitchen feel brighter. Painting the top cabinets a lighter colour can create a contemporary and airy look.


Cost: DIY paint & supplies – $50-150 Professional painters – $1000.00





3. Update Hardware


The difference truly is in the details. Replacing cabinet hardware, like knobs and hinges, can make a surprisingly big difference in kitchen design. Switching manufacturer knobs and handles with a more decorative option, like antiqued brass, will create a beautiful custom result that feels high-end.


Cost: Anywhere from $3 to $15 each; higher-end options can be upwards of $50 each



4. Replace Your Faucet


Replacing an old faucet is a smart upgrade because it can add just as much function as it can style. Choose a finish that matches your hardware. For example, if you have rubbed bronze knobs and pulls, opt for a rubbed bronze faucet. There are also various faucet styles you can choose from, like antique or industrial.


Cost: $150-$450




5. Rethink Lighting


Every kitchen has ambient lighting, which is the overhead lighting that brightens the whole space. Task lighting brightens your workspace, and includes pendants or under-cabinet lights.


With under-cabinet lighting, you can opt for either hard-wired models or plug-in models. Hard-wired options require installation by an electrician, while plug-in options can be installed by most DIY’ers. With pendant lighting, simply updating the fixture can create a whole new look.


Cost: Pendant lighting: $20-200 each – size dependent; Under-cabinet lighting:

$200-$500, not including installation


Kitchen lighting



Whether your style is country, contemporary, or industrial, you can still upgrade your kitchen without going over budget. A few simple updates can make a lasting impression.



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