Making family dinner simpler with the Whirlpool Front-Control Range


In my house, the hour before dinner can be pretty chaotic. With 4 kids under the age of 6, and two working parents often rushing home from end of day appointments, the art of making dinner can feel like a chore. Between my mind still racing from a busy day, my body just wanting to plop down and cuddle with my kids and husband, and the regular hustle that comes with family life, dinner can often look like an insurmountable hurdle.


And yet the act of making dinner, and nourishing our families is so important. It not only fuels our bodies but creates conversation and memories. So I’m trying to remind myself that dinnertime matters, and rather than view making dinner as a challenging task, view it as the opportunity to provide care for my family, and create an environment for us to connect and relax.


But let’s keep it real- in my chaotic world this is easier said than done! So I appreciate anything that makes making dinner simpler.


The Whirlpool Front-Control Range is one tool to help make preparing dinner easier & faster. With Frozen Bake Technology, this range can reduce cooking time on a frozen pizza by 31%! Just select the food type, temperature and cook time listed on the food item’s package, and the oven will customize the temperature and cook time- eliminating the need to pre-heat the oven. I love how this reduces time and my mental energy, making the process of getting food on the table for my family as simple as possible.




Whether your family is large or small, having plenty of room to bake and roast dishes is such an asset. This range (available in both gas and electric models) boasts a 6.2 cu. ft. capacity (in the electric model) so there’s enough space to handle everyday cooking as well as larger meals.


In my books, what performs well must also look great too. At full counter depth, with front controls integrated in the design, you get a premium look (without the premium price tag). In addition to being more utilitarian, a front-control range provides a more modern look by keeping the control panel streamlined in one location. With the FIT system, Whirlpool makes upgrading to a full-depth front-control range even simpler- no need to remodel or change your counter cut-out.




Changing my attitude to the dinner-time hustle will take some adjustment, I know. But I also know how wonderful it feels once hot food is on the table, bellies are filled and conversations are enjoyed. It’s hard work, but work that is so worth it.




Lisa Canning runs Lisa Canning Interiors specializing in 2-hour in-home interior design consultations in the GTA and beyond. She writes a lifestyle blog called Lisa Canning: Blueprints for a Beautiful Life offering practical strategies for families to live lives that are as beautiful as they are organized. A mom of 4 (soon to be 5), she loves anything that will save her time and allow her to sit down.




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