Making a House a Home


I’m the eldest of 6 children in my family and I remember throughout my childhood moving frequently and changing schools and neighborhoods regularly.  My family didn’t have much, we often didn’t have anything at all.  Moving frequently and having to make new friends and getting accustomed to new schools often lead us to being withdrawn and unsociable.  Once we were moved into foster care and had time to adjust, I realized the benefits of a stable home environment.  Our lives changed from that moment forward, and it started with living in a real home.  And it did feel like home.  Once you have a home, you can begin to look ahead to where you want to go. Home is the base where everything begins…


Habitat for Humanity allows families access to a home, and more importantly accessing it for themselves.


Throughout the build process, I am constantly reminded that this family is working hard to earn this home – Habitat has just made it more of a reality to them.  This isn’t a handout, this is a hand up and that makes me feel great about what I am doing.  All of the volunteers are part of the process to better our society and our community by giving a hand up to this family.


As the structure of the building moves from a skeletal frame to an enclosed house…it’s easy to envision the home it will become.  I can imagine where furniture will go and where a family photograph may hang on a wall.  I can tell the people building this home are envisioning the same…and that means this home is being built with compassion and love.  I’d like to believe that this will linger in this home throughout its life….for this family and the next.


Whirlpool Canada is dedicated to helping families thrive and celebrate simple acts of care that transpire every day. This opportunity to work with my colleagues, gain hands on experience, and give something back to the community is an example of how Whirlpool Canada cares.


Being a Habitat for Humanity volunteer is so much more than volunteering for a good cause. It’s about team work and community service; lending a hand and donating your time and effort; contributing towards a project and an end goal; creating your own stamp on something worthwhile; and being a part of a family’s achievement in obtaining their own home and creating a stable foundation.


It’s the work we do together…as a community and a workplace that leaves an impression on the generations to come.


During this build and the global build I participated in, my thoughts linger on my own family, from what it was when I was a child to what it is now and what I want to provide.  It’s a moment of nostalgia for me, but also a feeling of inspiration and hope for the future as I look around and see the hard work being done and level of charity that my fellow employees are contributing.


What does a home mean to you?  Home means a future, for your family and for yourself.  A place to call your own and a place to always return to.

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