How to stay relaxed during holiday meal prep with the Whirlpool Five Door Refrigerator


Entertaining during the holidays can be stressful! With never-ending lists, running around searching for perfect gifts, and getting the house ready for entertaining, it can all be a little overwhelming. I know despite my best-laid plans, the feeling of overwhelm can really creep up. The flurry and routine can unfortunately make us forget why we are running around in the first place!


I want to create a beautiful home and prepare delicious meals during the holidays but I also want to ensure it’s done with a peaceful spirit so I can be present with my loved ones. Experience has shown me that the chaos can be conquered with a little perspective, and the rush can be tempered with some strategic planning. As you prepare your family’s favourite meals this holiday season, here are a few ways to make food storage super simple, so you can stay relaxed and make the most out of your family time.



Divide and Conquer

The Whirlpool Five Door Refrigerator allows you to store a variety of items in five temperature-controlled drawers. From meat/fish, deli/cheese, snacks and cold drinks, food can be kept fresher longer, perfect for prepping favourite family meals. The thaw selection provides an ideal environment to thaw frozen food at just the right temperature, away from other foods in the refrigerator. For produce, the FreshFlow™ produce preserver keeps things fresher, longer, providing the ideal environment to keep them tasting great.


Stay organized

I’m a very visual person – and having items compartmentalized into sections gives me peace of mind! Grouping like items together in drawers not only makes meal prep a more streamlined experience, but it also makes it really simple when it comes time to do a grocery shop – I can scan really quickly though the clear drawers to see what I need to replenish. The small items bin in the Five Door Refrigerator also makes it easy to keep items like condiment packs, cheese and yogurt tubes easily accessible.




Plan family favourite meals

The best part of the holidays for me is aimless family time. And in my family, so many memories and traditions are formed around our table over meals. I like the tradition of bringing back special dishes or baked goods that will always remind my kids of the holidays. Planning to create memorable feasts is an element of care that can have lasting impact on generations to come, and it brings me so much joy to think that traditions I am repeating from my childhood might be traditions my family repeats for theirs. Plan your meals in advance so your fridge can be stocked and the flurry of last-minute shopping won’t have to apply to your food.

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