Habitat for Humanity


It was a cool clear morning in June when 11 other volunteers from Whirlpool, along with myself, headed to Burlington, Ontario to work with the Habitat for Humanity crew.  We all came excited about the day and looking forward to showing that “we care” for those in need in one of our local communities, all while having a great experience.  We weren’t disappointed!


While this was my sixth build, I always look forward to an accomplishing day as we help deserving families to improve their lives.  What was unique about this build was that it consisted of 12 town homes and one bungalow.  Typically, the builds I have participated in were for single family homes (although last year it was a duplex in Milton).  It’s great to see Habitat for Humanity maximizing its resources to ensure the greatest number of families are helped, while supporting Habitat’s vision of “a world where everyone has a decent place to live”.  It also gives my company, Whirlpool, the opportunity to donate even more fridges and stoves to families in need.


The site supervisor explained the importance of safety along with ensuring all aspects of the job met quality standards as set out by the building inspector.  Of course, we were determined to exceed these requirements and provide homes that the families who moved into were extremely happy with.


My team had the opportunity to spend the day with the site supervisor.  Showing his leadership abilities, he selected the most difficult task, which was putting in sheets of drywall behind a set of stairs that were very tight to the wall.  It literally took our team all day to install the insulation along with three sheets of drywall.  But, we took pride in that it was the toughest job completed that day and it was done right!  We also understood the importance of framing and ensuring the supporting structure was perfect.  If it wasn’t, the drywall would not have fit, even with our best efforts!


It is very gratifying spending the day giving to others, and making a difference. I particularly like that we are building in local communities where I have lived, or where others I know live.  Over the last few years, I have been involved in builds in:  Brampton, Guelph, Milton (tear-down and build), Oakville and now Burlington.


While I believe my organization is making a difference in people’s lives through providing appliances, having the privilege of serving those in need through helping to build a home feels very transformational to me.  I had a great time working with other colleagues, some of whom I know only on a casual basis.  Participating in Habitat builds also supports our focus as an organization on great teamwork.


In summary, I worked hard, had fun with others from Whirlpool Canada and from Habitat for Humanity and returned home sweaty, dirty and tired but with a smile on my face.  I’m looking forward to the next time I get to participate in a Habitat build and to showing those in need that “we care”!


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