I know I’m not the only one who leaped out her back door and sang a happy song once the sunshine decided to stick around for a while.


Over the past few weeks, the girls and I have spent nearly every sunny day in the backyard. We’ve been puttering in the garden and the greenhouse, moving seedlings to pots, and sowing seeds into the raised beds.


Spring Laundry With Whirlpool-5


It’s an exciting – and dirty – time.


I’ve never been a parent who was hesitant to let her kids play in the muck. I feel like dirt is synonymous with play. If you want to make the very best mud pie, you need the muddiest-of-muds. This means that I oftentimes have to turn a blind eye to the shrieks of laughter and sneaky grab of the hose from the two littlest members of our family. And if clothes have streaks of dirt or grass, then so be it.


Just like their little cheeks, I know that we can clean their clothes easily.


Spring Laundry With Whirlpool-7


Our playhouse has been “top-dressed” with dirt. The girls have a little play kitchen in their playhouse, and in it, they play restaurant all the live-long day.


Spring Laundry With Whirlpool-2-3


They’re so proud of their gross dinners. “This is for you, mom!”


Spring Laundry With Whirlpool-3-2


And the aftermath is something else.


While I get dirt and grass stains from the garden on my clothes, the girls get “pie” and bits of leaves caked to theirs. It’s a happy, muddy family that walks through the door at the end of the day, but somebody has to clean it up!


Spring Laundry With Whirlpool-2


Our fantastic laundry duo – the hardworking Whirlpool Cabrio top-loading washer and dryer– handle our chaos that tumbles through the door every day. The large capacity of the washer’s drum – which holds an amazing amount of clothes and gets them clean every time – makes it easy to get a hamper full of clothes washed and dried in just one load.


The Adaptive Wash system can sense how many clothes I’ve popped into the drum, and then adds water and time accordingly.


What’s very helpful at this time of year is the Soil level option (and in this case, it might literally be from soil) so that your clothes will come out clean every time.


If you have a kidlet like my oldest – who picks favourite jeans/top/jacket/hair accessories to be worn nearly every day in a week – you’ll know how important it is to get the laundry done quickly and easily. She’s not above sneaking a muddy pair of jeans out of the hamper and trying to wear them to school.


And I remember those days too. It’s a part of growing up.


Spring Laundry With Whirlpool-1-4


I want the mud pies and four-times-a-week Levis to be something that my children can enjoy without worry. And if laundry is something I can do easily without having to stress over stains or multiple loads, that makes everyone’s days that much easier and full of sunshine.


Spring Laundry With Whirlpool-2-2


The fear of having to clean up shouldn’t stop us from making our mud pies or garden beds. We need to revel in the feeling of our hands in the dirt.


It’s what this time of year is all about.


You can find your perfect laundry pair at Find My – and take the chore out of doing laundry.

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