Front Load Washer Myths Debunked

Whirlpool® Front Load Washers provide great versatility with their ability to stack. They also have a storage option with attachable pedestal drawer to keep the laundry area tidy, and raise the machines to a more comfortable height. The machines have become associated with a few myths. Find out which ones are debunked below.


Washers don’t require cleaning.

False! Help keep your washer performing like new with proper cleaning and use of the right amount of the right detergent. Use affresh® Washer Cleaner – a once a month cleaning tablet – to penetrate and dissolve any odour-causing residue to help your washer stay clean and fresher smelling. All Whirlpool® washers have a Stainless Steel Wash Basket that reduces odours, rust and chipping.



Front load washers are loud and vibrate more than top load washers because they have faster spin speeds.

False! Even though front load washers can have faster spin speeds than traditional top load washers, they are designed with vibration control ensuring minimal vibration throughout the cycle. With Quiet Spin 360 Technology, the washer adapts to improve its balance over time using the built-in accelerometer and dual-ring ball-balancing to keep the basket centered and even. Whirlpool and Maytag brands offer a 30-day Vibration Control Guarantee, in the event you are not satisfied with the level of vibration in your washer.


Any detergent will work in a Front Load Washer.

False! Front load washers are very efficient and use less water than top load models. If you use regular detergent instead of a high efficiency, low-suds detergent designed for front load models you may find that the wash comes out very soapy and clothes are unclean. An excess of suds will actually re-deposit the dirt back into the fabric instead of getting rid of it. Instead, get optimal cleaning with HE detergent.



Top load laundry is more efficient than front load laundry.

False! Front load laundry is actually more efficient because it uses less water and a higher spin speed. The increased speed reduces drying time and saves energy. Whirlpool® front load washers are Energy Star® Qualified meaning they meet the government standards in helping to conserve natural resources and can save you energy and money! Also, they are CEE Tier III Qualified which is the highest rating in energy efficiency.



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