Reinvent Your Kitchen with the Whirlpool Front Control Range

A white kitchen has always been the stuff of my dreams.


When I flip through gorgeous design magazines, I always get hung up on a light and airy kitchen. It screams to me: I’m so bright, and big, and airy and farmhouse chic!


All of the adjectives appeal to me – especially the word “classic”: when I’m going to do something like rearrange cabinets and haul my family through a kitchen renovation, I want to be sure that the look will stand the test of time.


As we waded through the decisions that come with a kitchen renovation, some choices came easily to me, and others involved some thinking. Our renovation had a budget: we had just bought our home and while my tastes may sit among those whom drink champagne, my budget was more… sparkling wine.


We saved our cabinets, and opted to change out the floor, the backsplash, the countertops and the appliances. When I started researching the range, I had two criteria: it had to be gas, and it had to look beautiful.

Whirlpool Front Control Range -


The Whirlpool Front-Control Range popped up on my radar. It is an affordable gas range that would fit into my pre-determined 30″ spot (that’s what happens when you keep your cabinets, you need to ensure that your appliances will work with the cut-outs) – guaranteed with the Whirlpool FIT system. And it did, it slid right in. Even though I always held my breath whenever a new appliance would head into its new spot. Of course, the anxiety was needless.

 Whirlpool Front Control Range


As it is described in its name, the Front-Control Range has its controls on the front, removing the need for a back panel. This design immediately heightens both the style and professionalism of the oven, giving my kitchen a premium look. Similar to a commercial-grade range, the oven slides right against the wall and has cast iron grates spanning across the cooking surface. This not only allows for a fifth burner in the center of the stovetop, but it also makes moving pots around incredibly easy. If you’ve ever had a burner move while you’re cooking (as it did on my old stove – sigh), you’ll know how fantastic it is to have this cooking surface.

 Front Controls


The knobs on the range are metal – unlike many other ranges I saw that had plastic knobs – and control burners that vary from 15,000 BTU to a simmer element at 5,000 BTU. The simmer element is incredibly handy. When you’re working on a sauce or a stew that needs to reduce slowly, it’s simply amazing to be able to reduce the heat that low. Many gas ranges don’t offer that, and instead require you to buy an adapter for your element to raise it up away from the flame.


Inside the Whirlpool Front Control Range -


The oven is – in a word – HUGE! I can’t believe how much space lies inside of this range! There are three racks (with the one – seen on the bottom – that is designed to optimize space) and with the “true convection” or European convection, I’m able to cook three different dishes without compromising my cook time. True Convection means that there is a third element at the back of the stove next to the fan; rather that merely circulating air within the oven, the air is heated at the fan and then circulated.


As you can imagine this drastically reduces cook time, and allows for consistent cooking or baking, even when more than one dish is in the oven.


The oven also features Frozen Bake technology – now this is a crazy-fast feature. There are four pre-programmed food options – your typical frozen fare – and you can pop your pie or pizza into the oven without preheating or the risk of over-browning. The oven gives off a little beep to say, “Hey, give me a look” before the cook time is done, and then again at the end of the cycle to let you know the dish is finished. For a gal on the go, it’s amazing to see how quickly this oven can get things done.

 The Whirlpool Front Control Range -


Aside from how fast she works and all of her bells and whistles, I admire the aesthetics of this range. I love that I didn’t have to fuss around with a backer piece – common with slide-in ranges, and requires an extra piece of countertop in behind the stove – and that it immediately elevated the look of the kitchen.


I’ve always loved white appliances – call me a traditionalist – but the sleek stainless accents add a modern and custom look to the stove. The comments I’ve had from visitors are always delighted and a tiny bit shocked. Gone is the look of the old-school white appliances, and here is the new, elegant and stylish version. Guests can’t help themselves from running their fingers over the stainless accents and smooth white surfaces.


And for this mama – it’s great that I don’t have to spend endless hours rubbing off those fingerprints and smudges. To say that the White Ice look is forgiving is an understatement.


If white isn’t your thing, the Black Ice line is the White Ice’s sister, and she’s equally stylish, if not more modern. The Front-Control Range also comes in stainless, if that’s your favourite look. Each look is available in an electric range as well.


This oven has quickly become one of my favourite little workhorses in the house. And she’s pretty. You can’t argue with that combination.



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