Our Family Friendly Laundry Room

I wish you could see my face right now; I look like a kid having their first lick of icing. Never in a million years would I have thought laundry would crack my face this way.


Why you ask? I just took my new front load Whirlpool® Duet® Steam Front Load Washer and Steam Dryer for their inaugural cycle. It may not seem like a frolic in the meadows activity but after having to chase my previous washer around the room during every spin cycle this is a much-appreciated change!



Since I was getting a new laundry pair I figured it was the perfect time to incorporate it into a new laundry room design. I took colour cues from the attractive Diamond Steel finish when choosing the colour palate for the area. I love how coordinating the trim work to the finish makes it look like it was made specifically for this space. Plus, adding a set of cabinets conceals all the laundry room necessities that are a bit of an eyesore. A few pretty decorations make it more a part of our living space than a room we need to keep closed off. Having a fresh space you’re happy to work in goes a long way to making laundry more efficient.



Our laundry room is very small (only the width of the washer and dryer itself), so having a functional space was on the top of the list, no more folding clothes outside the laundry room.


The front-loading Whirlpool set allowed us to put a counter on top, which has really improved the laundry routine around our house. I love setting the kiddos up on the counter to enjoy their company as I fold a load, reminds me of my own childhood. Watching my mother fold stacks of laundry for all 8 of us, maybe that is what true love is all about? Making sure your loved ones have their favourite clothes fresh and clean, a bagged lunch with a homemade cookie, and the smell of supper on the stove at the end of a long work day.





Since the machines are so easy to operate, I’ve started to show the kids how to do a bit of laundry. They are only ages 4 and 5, but I figure it is never too early to learn and help out. The Load and Go System is perfect for kids, no need to fiddle with detergent, just fill it and forget it. You’ll get about 2 weeks of washes before it needs to be filled again (12 loads to be exact)! It makes turning on a load of laundry easier than the TV!


It is great features like these that are making laundry a family activity rather than a dreaded chore. The kids love the lights and buttons, and the pretty chime it makes when the cycle is complete. They seriously run to the laundry room like they just heard the ice cream truck!


I have to let you in on a secret though; my husband is just as excited about these new appliances as the kids and I are. Our family is always on the go, but the chores still need to be done, favourite t-shirts need to be washed, church clothes needs to be fluffed, and last night’s lingering supper stains need to be lifted. It’s really nice that he helps out when the pile starts to get out of hand. It makes this endless chore much more manageable. I know teaming up to complete our everyday chores is the recipe for caring for our little family. He does the garbage and I wash the dishes, but together we move mountains… ok maybe it’s just mountains of laundry, but teamwork is what our little ones see and that will have a lasting impact when they are learning to care for their own family.



I’m so thrilled with all the options this Duet laundry pair has to offer. The Adaptive Wash Technology is on the top of the list. It senses the needs of each load and adapts wash actions (like releasing the right amount of water and detergent, the motion it makes, even adjusts the temperature appropriately!) so your favourite outfits, table linens, and bedclothes look newer longer, plus colours stay vibrant wash after wash! The dryer is as easy to use as its partner, just turn the dial and press go. My favourite feature is Steam Refresh; you can turn on the steam for a minute to erase wrinkles in a hurry, it’s like ironing for a man!


I can honestly say I’m looking forward to a fresh laundry life with my new partners in cleaning crime. I can tell already my laundry routine is going to be simplified here on out!


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