Eating Al Fresco: Keeping Blankets and Linens Clean in the Summer


Eating “al fresco” is one of my favourite ways to spend a playdate or a sunny afternoon. Barefoot on a blanket, eating fresh fruits and pastries while sitting under the shade of a tree… can it get any better than this?


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I often get swept up by the excitement of planning for our picnics and decide to set the stage with a comfortable place to sit upon, as opposed to ragged sleeping bags or a sandy beach blanket. I know that should a few crumbs or spills happen upon the soft grey fabric, it will come out easily in the wash.


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My pair of – also beautifully grey – Whirlpool Cabrio Laundry Pair are always ready to take on the task of laundering fabrics that have been soiled. The top loading washer, with its large capacity, can handle multiple blankets or big cushy ones.


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I use the “Bulky/Sheets” setting and the washing machine with the precision dispense feature, which releases just the right amount of detergent needed to properly wash the load at just the right time in the cycle.


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I use the same setting when I’m washing the throw pillows that we use outdoors. While these fabrics are slightly more durable than the pillows I’ve tossed onto my couches, splatters of food, barbecue, and the dreaded red wine spill… they all still happen outside.


As the weather gets warmer and the nights last longer, I’m less inclined to deal with them right away, especially if the group is in the middle of a great conversation. Typically, it’s in the morning when I gather up any fabrics with sticky spots and toss it all into the washer.


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Thankfully, my pillows wash up beautifully in the washer and have yet to be marred with a permanent stain. The washer can sense the slightly awkward load of pillows and blankets and doesn’t make the big “clunk, clunk, clunk” of an uneven drum. It’s smart enough to handle the load without causing a ruckus.


The Advanced Moisture Sensing technology in the Cabrio dryer uses three sensors to track moisture and temperature and stops tumbling when the pillows are perfectly dry. Freshly clean and tumbled pillows are plumped and then popped right back onto the patio, waiting for their next guest.


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This peace of mind means that I get to be a lot more easygoing when it comes to outdoor entertaining. I’m quick to grab the throw blankets from the living room and toss them on chilly laps in the summer evening. The girls and I will lean up upon cream coloured pillows and have a spontaneous picnic snack with the reddest of cherries and the stickiest of cream puffs. I love to use cloth napkins – knowing that they’ll wash clean and stain-free means that they’re no more trouble than the paper variety.


I don’t have to worry about stains or mess, because I know that my workhorse of a washer has got it covered.


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Whirlpool has compensated me for my services and my posts, but all posts represent my own opinion.

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