Bringing Some Life To The Laundry Room

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the laundry room must be the liver. The laundry room cycles through messy household clothing and towels, and cleans them up time and time again. In addition to being the place to do laundry and store cleaning supplies, many households also have their laundry room act as a mudroom; a place to drop off school bags, shoes, and jackets, it is the main door for the family to enter into home. The laundry room gets a lot of wear-and-tear, but is often the most neglected room, design-wise!


However the unexciting laundry room is becoming a thing of past as we make way for stylish and appealing laundry appliances. I truly believe this shift happened when washer and dryers started to become sexy! When more colour options were introduced, sleeker designs and features made it exciting to shop for laundry appliances and made life a bit easier when keeping up chores.


A well-oiled machine needs a good engine. What is a laundry room without gorgeous appliances? I chose the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer in Chrome Shadow for my latest makeover. Not only are they stunning, they are also a homeowner’s dream. They are designed to keep clothes looking newer longer and have easy-to-use, intuitive features that make caring for clothing simple.

 Jo Alcorn2


This washing machine does all the work for you, making laundry day a breeze. The Adaptive Wash Technology can sense the needs of each load and adapts wash actions so clothes always look their best. The machine will even add just the right amount of detergent to each load with the Load & Go system.


The Wrinkle Shield feature on the dryer means a load of clean clothes are safe from becoming wrinkled once the dry cycle ends. And the steam option adds even better wrinkle-fighting performance.


Make sure you give your laundry room some love to create a room that works for your entire family. Who knows, you just might enjoy doing the laundry.



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