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Like most of my friends – I work, try to keep up with my very active young son, Oscar, manage the chores (even though my husband is ridiculously helpful and involved). I plan nights out with my friends, date nights in with my husband, squeeze in a manicure every so often but most of all I like to come home to relax and enjoy a peaceful, happy home that represents my style and aesthetic.  But as someone that loves design and décor – my tastes are apt to change year to year.   I’m constantly soaking in design trends via magazines, Pinterest and blogs. But as much as I crave the current trends, I don’t have the budget to constantly redecorate my home as I see the newest trends in home décor emerge. With that being said, I discovered a trick that has worked for me, that has allowed me to keep my home feeling current, without breaking the bank. Early in my home decorating / renovating adventure, I realized that the trick for me was to pick classic pieces as my major investment items and then add hits of trend and colour via affordable accessories.   So knowing my trick, this leads me to my love of Whirlpool’s line of White & Black Ice Appliances.  Black and white. Are there any two more completely opposite, yet classic colours when it comes to design? Both colours are always in style and lend themselves to my design trick on picking classic, timeless items for your investment pieces.  Pieces that won’t date – and Whirlpool has hit the nail on the head with this collection. I’m a visual person so let’s look at both the White and Black collection in play with my design theory on using them as a base for your room.  First up – let’s look at white.   Whirlpool’s White Ice Collection My walls are all white throughout 90% of my home and when we remodeled our own kitchen a few years ago, I knew I wanted white for the cabinetry. White goes with everything. White is also fresh, bistro, clean. It’s also extremely modern. White is a colour that can go either Modern, Tradional, Classic, Contemporary. Below you can see that even without considering a cabinetry colour, White Ice lends itself to an array of styles. Right now I’m craving Mid Century inspired pieces. Below are two White Ice pieces, next to a very modern few pieces.





Isn’t that fun? Next up, keeping the appliances the same, you can see by switching out the lighting, rugs, and table, we get a different look – but the appliances still work.




In this case they bring light to a room – it’s clean, refreshing, modern. I could easily switch out the Persian carpet above with a different coloured rug and the room would feel different immediately, and the Whirlpool appliances wouldn’t interfere with my change in style. They won’t age or date as some other styles would.   Next up, let’s see the Black appliances…


6Black Ice Suite4


Whirlpool’s Black Ice Collection There is a reason why we all have a little black dress in our closets. Black goes with everything. By switching out the jewelry and accessories – your black dress can go from business to fun with a few quick changes. Again, this totally goes back to my design instincts to pick a base piece in a solid colour that won’t date. In this case – black.   Although I think black goes with everything, I do think it gives off a more modern look compared to the white counterpart. There is an edge, a confidence with black. I definitely see it demanding more of a presence.




So similar to the look with the White Ice, I’ve paired the traditional pieces with the Black Ice – and it still looks amazing – It’s slightly more modern and reminds me of a loft. Black definitely is more dramatic but a timeless colour that will always be in fashion. Refined, dramatic, and a gorgeous statement in a kitchen.




When considering appliances for any home update, brand and style are two considerations that as a homeowner you have to consider. For me, the brand Whirlpool speaks for itself, having been in homes for over 100 years. And then style, well, as you can see above I think these two lines are obviously winners.


Chandeliers: Design Within Reach and Williamsburg Brass Chandelier – Similar one found on EBay Dining Tables: Design Within Reach and Restoration Hardware Rugs: Blue via West Elm, Pink via West Elm, Persian Rug via Ebay

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